Thursday, February 16, 2006

Looking at Student Work

Handouts from February 16 session at Bridgham Middle School

1. Focusing on Student Work (from "Preparing for a SALT Visit")

Describe the work you compiled for this meeting:

Describe what you asked students to do in this task and how they completed the task (did they work in groups? Did they work alone?)
What standard(s) was the work designed to address? What did you expect your students to learn?
How was this task developed?
In what ways was this assignment designed to meet the diverse needs of all learners?
What type of assignments preceded this task?

How was the task assessed?

What criteria were used to assess student learning?
What were the criteria communicated to the students?
In what ways did the students assess their own work?
Where in the work can you show evidence that your students did and did not meet the standard?
What evidence do you have from this work about what your student knows and is able to do?

What did students learn from this work?

Describe and show how you communicated to students how they met your expectations for learning?
Describe and show how the feedback provided to students indicated ways to improve their work?
What is the evidence you gained about your students learning?

How does this work affect your teaching?

1. What implication does this analysis of student work have for changes in your teaching practice?
2. What would be the next steps for your teaching?

Do you collaboratively look at student work as a grade, department, or school?

Describe the process.
How do you use this information?
How do you share this information in your school community?

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